What Makes Art

WORKS OF ART - Art is made using different media: charcoal, painting and printing techniques.  Use charcoal to emphasize an easy flowing drawing style and stark contrasts.  Use oil paint and water color to capture the flow with more softness between contrasts.  Etchings, woodcuts and lithographs explore the characteristics of the medium.

MURALS -Murals are designed to enhance a theme and harmonize activities with the sturroundings. A mural enhances pleasure by integrating the space with the surroundings, an atmosphere to inform and educate.  The artist is a master of the materials with and an understanding of the functional requirements. This creates an aesthetically pleasing environment.

COMMISSIONS - To remember and be remembered, as only a commissioned art work can do.  Design the dream, capture that memory and eternalize a person or place, these are reasons for commissioning a work of art.  Commission a work of art for that something you value above all else.